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5 things you need to bring to your hike

You have probably heard the term “Beautiful British Columbia” mentioned whenever our great

province comes up in conversation (we even had it on our license plates). It is a term that is

definitely well deserved. BC is home to a unique mix of mountain ranges, waterfalls, lakes and

rivers. So it does not come as a surprise that the province is also home to some of the most

breathtaking hikes known world-wide.

A great example of an amazing BC hike is Joffre Lake. This picturesque locale is simply a

perfect place to admire nature. But before you start grabbing your gear and head out the door,

make sure you have everything you need for a fun, safe and comfortable hike. Although the

Joffre Lake hike is not considered one of the harder hikes, you should still be prepared. So here

are 5 essential things you should bring to any hike.

Snacks and hydration

Yes, all of the 7adventure tours come with either a snack or lunch but it’s always good to

have a back up energy bar in your bag just in case. If it is your first time hiking a particular

location, there is really no way for you to know how challenging you will find it, so having a quick

energy boosting snack is always a good idea. Let’s not forget about the importance of hydration.

Bring a reusable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated while you take in the scenery. For longer

hikes, and as a precaution, consider taking along a few purification tablets in case.

Sun protection

If you time your BC hike well then you should be getting some of that amazing west

coast sunshine you’ve been hearing about. But this also means that you should bring some

protection to keep your skin safe on your hours-long treks. Consider wearing long-sleeved shirts

that’s breathable to also keep you cool. Don’t skimp on sun block lotion either. Nothing ruins a

great trip than a nasty sunburn.

Good hiking boots or shoes

Appropriate footwear is a must with any hike. Wearing hiking shoes will keep you

comfortable and safe in your adventure. Depending on the hike, wear shoes that will keep your

feet nice and dry. Hiking boots is always a good option for rougher terrains. They may be

heavier but the extra support protects your ankles when traversing rocky or wooded landscapes.

If you’re unsure, please make sure you reach out to a 7adventure team member before you

head out and they can provide you with advice on the matter.


Although all 7adventure team members are expert hikers and are extremely familiar with

all tour locations, it’s always a good idea to have a way to navigate on your own in case you get

separated. This could simply mean downloading a navigation or map app on your mobile phone.

However, in areas where a signal is not available, a simple map and compass combination is as

reliable as any app.


Remember those beautiful sunny days we told you to make sure you’re prepared for?

Well they could also quickly turn into a rainy cold day, especially during longer hikes. Make sure

you keep a lightweight jacket tucked away in your pack just in case. They should also be at

least water resistant to keep you nice and dry. If you think your hike will go on until the sun goes

down, also consider another set of insulating piece of clothing, like a sweater. Nothing takes

away from admiring a beautiful sunset other than being uncomfortably cold.

Extra: Make sure you bring your cameras, because you’re going to want to snap some pics of

what will surely be a once in a lifetime experience.

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